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Malwarebytes Beta 3.2 - what could be added before the final version

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I have now installed the Malwarebytes beta for macOS 3.2; it works very well; I do not know if it's normal, but with the same system the scan has gone from 12 seconds to 3 seconds: almost not noticed.
They would still serve, in my opinion, date and time of the last scan in the menu open from the M near the macOS battery indicator and a visual indication of the system status (ok, warning, critical) always in the same menu: as it is possible from this menu both the update and the scan this indication would never open Malwarebytes.

I'd like to know from TREED about this.




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We did refactor some of the inefficient legacy scan code, so a decrease in scan times is not unexpected.

I'm not sure what you mean about a system status indicator. What status would you envision being reflected there? Whether any threats have been detected? In such a case, we want to make that much more obvious than just an indicator in a menu.

Regarding ad blocking, we're working on a couple interesting technologies... more than that, I cannot say. ?

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I would put in the menu the date of the last scan and the same writing that appears in the Status Pane

(to me so far it has always only appeared: "Awesome! You're protected "but I know there are other possibilities (see user guide).)

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