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Causes ScanSnap Organizer OCR to fail with error 5


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Problem:  “Convert to Searchable PDF” in SnanSnap Organizer for Fujitsu scanners fails with error 5 when beta is enabled. Temporarily disable protection, and the problem goes away. Exclusions don’t seem to help.

OS: Windows 10 1709, 64-bit. Confirmed on a second PC.

Investigation: I used ProcMon to identify the source of the error as SetRenameFileInformation() failing with ACCESS DENIED (Windows error 5). Then I identified the application causing this by a process of elimination.

I found that the ScanSnap organizer runs OCR and adds the info to a copy of the original PDF. Then, if successful, it replaces the original with the updated copy. However something MalwareBytes Anti-Ransomware is doing seems to be breaking the SetRenameFileInformation() internal Windows API for .PDF files, and several other file types such as .jpg, and .txt, but not for .docx, .htm, or random extensions such as .xxx.

When protection is enabled, this API returns ACCESS DENIED for files with certain extensions. But when disabled, the API succeeds as expected.

Fortunately I found that this problem can be reproed using the following simple batch file so you don’t need a Fujitsu scanner to work on this:

@echo off
echo Test > f1.pdf
echo Test > f2.pdf
echo ----------------
echo Moving PDFs will fail (access denied) if Anti-Ransomware protection is enabled, and succeed if disabled
echo on
move f1.pdf f2.pdf
@echo off
echo ----------------
echo But many other file types are not affected anda move always succeeds
echo Test > f1.xxx
echo Test > f2.xxx
echo on
move f1.xxx f2.xxx


Note that when the above move fails, the del command will delete the destination file. So I know this isn't a problem with permissions or a file being locked in memory.

I suspect this problem may break other software as well.

Thanks. This is the first problem I’ve had since the very early beta. I really like your program. Others nag me with false positives, but this seems much smarter.

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  • Staff

Hi @BugZapper - Welcome to the forums! Thanks for detailed report. With the details and steps you provided, I've been able to reproduce this issue. It does not seem OS-specific.

We've had a few reports of other save/write issues and do have a fix for those, which are undergoing internal testing now.

This internal test build also appears to solve the issue you're reporting, at least that of the simple batch test.

I've brought your report to the attention of our Engineering and Product teams, in case additional information is needed.

Thanks again! 


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  • Staff

Greetings, @BugZapper -

We have released the next Component Update (CU) for Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware Beta. One of the items fixed is this issue with saving files.

You should receive the new CU 1.1.139 in the coming days. It's being served in a metered fashion.

Please let us know if your results match ours. We believe it should.

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Thank you very much!

The update did come down, and the batch-file test case was fixed, so I'm pretty sure ScanSnap will work too.

Unfortunately, installing Malwarebytes uninstalled the anti-ransomware beta on the PC with ScanSnap before we had a chance to test the fix.

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