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On 2/5/2018 at 6:56 AM, roryschmitz said:

On a side note, when I make a change to the policy, how long does it take for the client PC's to see that change?  I'm wondering if I'm being too impatient with the changes I have been making?

Rory, to answer this portion of your question, if your machines are connected over the boomerang service (socket.cloud.malwarebytes.com), the communication is real time. If the real-time communication is unavailable we fall back to a 5min polling period (through sirius.mwbsys.com). Processing the actual change will depend on what's been changed, like something in the exclusions versus disabling an RTP protection, exclusions will be faster. Or swapping which plugin is installed EP versus IR, that'll need some time to uninstall one and install the other.

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1 hour ago, djacobson said:

Are you guys using VPN or a proxy? Is the agent installed on your DNS server? Are these normal webpages or intranet sites/portals?

Hi, We don't use a proxy and no EP installed on the DNS servers (All Domain Controllers).  The new machines being blocked are not typical web sites.  What's happening now is a couple different thick client applications are installed on the machines that need to authenticate or communicate to a different server.  Once we uninstall EP on those machines, authentication and other communications work properly.  Again, no error messages or events from the EP web console, but we do see Windows Event Logs around the time the authentication problems occur.  I'm waiting for confirmation that just disabling Web protection eliminates the problem vs. uninstalling EP completely.  Will report back once I hear back.

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