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PC Barely Able to Do 1 Thing at a Time -- Guaranteed to Freeze Up


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My laptop used to work. The fan was damaged (just old I guess) so sometime it says there is a cooling error, or otherwise the fan just makes lots of noise... but its not hot! Just an indication that the computer is working hard on something because it doesn't make the fan sound when the computer is not doing anything. 

A few weeks ago the computer began to freeze randomly but FREQUENTLY. This was a sudden change.
It often take 2-3 restarts to get past the logon screen.

When it freezes it will be in one of the following ways... usually within a few minutes, but guaranteed within a few hours (this is with non use, just siting on but idle, or maybe with one user task which is moving my files off of it for safe keeping onto and external drive).

There are the different ways it freezes:

1. On Startup it may get to show the lock screen , the mouse will move but it will not respond to clicks or keyboard... and thus can not access password entry point for login.

2. Screen may go black and has loud hard working fan noise for apparently no reason.

3. IF I do get logged in and start to do something like open a browser, or the WIFI network selection panel, or copying files it may begin to do the work but then later (often immediately) it freezes and goes to black screen or simply stops responding. 

Can it be fixed? How do we proceed?

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The spectre/Meldown update caused a LOT of problems, it was AMD processors which were affected but not Intel have admitted their processors are also affected by slowdowns & constant restarts plus other annoyances. Intel/Microsoft released a patch which turns off the spectre update by changing a registry entry:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management]
; 3 = Disable both
; 2 = Disable meltdown (Kernel VA Shadow)
; 1 = Disable spectre (Branch Target Injection)
; 0 = Enable both

the fix sets both to 1.
A restart is required after changing the values but it may require 2 restarts to fully bring the pc back upto speed.

For AMD processors it’s advised to download this fix: https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=KB4057144

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