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report a bug - MALWAREBYTES new Firefox add-ons


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Hi there

first installed of the MALWAREBYTES new Firefox add-ons and it’s great tool . but , some bug were found ! this new add-ons is interface with something called a "live chat on the pages" . so this new tool is ""It prevents the live chat to being loaded" + an error message will thrown up which is this "

Chat Room - Powered by 123 Flash Chat
Version 10.0
Connection failed, please try later!


123 Flash Chat Software, A Powerful Java/HTML Chat Server Software

I've just discovered this bug/and this problem where the add-ons is blocking something wrong ? any fix for this ?

even with "enabled for this site" option is already been disabled for this website . I still had the same problem !

been looked around and I have the "add-ons active in normal browser mood" and still the same issue there !

I had then to go with "Firefox safe mood with all add-ons disabled" and the problem is gone away !

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I have to add more info and link and typo have been corrected
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16 hours ago, rakeshsejwal said:

I tried 123flashchat.net, could not reproduce the issue. 

can you please provide few more steps? and do I need an account on the site?


well, here the link for the live chat (HTML version) http://www.gzteam.com/page/5-gzt-chat-html/

all you need is only to go to the chat page and wait for the chat to being loaded (link is above :rolleyes:) you don’t need for an account ! :P

16 hours ago, rakeshsejwal said:

if possible please capture the console logs for me when the block happens/occurs. 


can you provide me the step by step to how do this ?

Edit : I have already removed the MB add-on ! so how can I install it again ?

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9 hours ago, rakeshsejwal said:

Chrome extension is still up and you can grab it from here https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/malwarebytes/ihcjicgdanjaechkgeegckofjjedodee

OK , but ’ however I do not have Google Chrome installed on this PC ! so I will see what can I do later on !

9 hours ago, rakeshsejwal said:

Firefox will up soon and chat rooms requires registration. I will register and will try to reproduce this. 

aha , I think they allowed for the guest to access to the chat (have you login as a guest ? :rolleyes: if no, then >) if you didn’t yet to create an account there . I can PM you with my account info ! just let me know @rakeshsejwal


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I have install the (v 1.0.9) and still the same bug ! <_<

go again to chat link that I have posted above (no need for an account , neither need to login as a guest )

then you’ll note this error in the code box blow :

Version 10.1
Connection failed, please try later!

that’s all , I hope you can reproduce it ! :rolleyes:

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