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Link For SSE2 Hotfix/Special Installer

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I just wondered if the SSE2 Hotfix and/or special installer is still available anywhere. I have read all the old posts from others with processor compatibility problems and tried all the links; but none seem to be working. I am trying to install the latest 2* version that will work on an old Pentium 3 machine with XP SP3.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hello and Welcome!

The post you are referring to is quite old, and it can be found here (however the download for that installer seems like its not available any longer)

Looks like the issue started after version 2.1.8.  You will have to wait to see if staff can provide a new link to that hotfix installer, or perhaps you can download version 2.1.6 from FileHippo

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Many thanks for the reply Firefox.

Yes I had tried that link and a slightly newer one from 2016, but as you say not now available.

I didn't realise any version 2 would work without SSE2 support. I'm currently using 1.60 so if I can get to the version you suggest, that will be a step in the right direction. I'm surprised the fix is no longer available as there must still be one or two people with the same issue.

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Yes version 2.1.6 (which is the latest that worked without issues with SSE2).

I can not speak for the Malwarebytes developers, but its hard to create new technology and stay current with the latest trends, and have to program for old outdated equipment.

May be time to retire that old clunker...

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