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Laptop doesn't start up


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The laptop is having an issue that when I press the power button only the light turns on and after a 30 seconds it turns off. Neither the screen nor the fan work. Last night it was working fine, it was until this evening that I tried turn it on, The battery works I tried it on a different laptop of the same type, I have tried putting a different RAM but its the same.

Here are the details of the laptop:

Product Name:        Windows 10 Home Single Language
System Type:        64 bit
Current Build:        14393

Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N2820 @ 2.13GHz
Total physical RAM: 1944.59 MB

Drive c: (Windows) (Total:445.43 GB) (Free:346.69 GB) NTFS
Drive d: (RECOVERY) (Total:19.11 GB) (Free:1.91 GB) NTFS ==>[system with boot components (obtained from drive)]

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Have you tried getting to the Advanced Startup menu and using either "Startup Repair" or "System Restore"?

There are various ways to get to Advanced Startup, but in your case as you are never getting to a usable screen there is only one that will work which is a Hard Reboot.

Press the power button and when the light comes on press it again to turn off  (interrupt the boot).
After turning off/interupting the boot twice like this then on the third start Windows 10 should recognise that there is something wrong and boot into Advanced Startup.
(It will sometimes take more than 3 repeats).


(PS. 14393 is a pretty old build, looks like your automatic updates may also not be working?).

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Maybe this...

A lot of the OTC HP retail stuff is made very poorly.  Part of the problem stems from a fear of 60/40 lead solder.  Therefore new systems are using a different blend of a solder to electronically fasten circuitry onto boards.  Unfortunately this can  lead to a problem known as a cold solder joint.  Which means the components are not properly electrically connected.  Many metals expand when heated and contract when cooled.  In electronic circuitry this can lead to a condition known as chip creep and in the case poorly manufactured RoHS compliant electronics, this can lead to poor conductivity related solder joints.

So there is a test. 

Don't turn the notebook on for a while and try to boot it when the system is cold.  It probably won't POST and boot.

Now turn on the notebook and wrap it up good and tight in a towel or two and leave it on for an hour or so.  Since it is insulated and the cooling vents are all blocked it will get nice and warm to almost hot.  Then unwrap the towels and turn off the notebook.  Then turn it back on.  If it boots up into windows then we know the problem.


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That wasn't the full test.  The results you provided were for the 2cnd part of the test.

The 1st part of the test was to see how it booted when the system was 'cold'.

17 hours ago, David H. Lipman said:

Don't turn the notebook on for a while and try to boot it when the system is cold.

I need the results from both parts of the test.



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Sounds like it was a temporary issue and the Hard Boot cured it.
(At a guess it may have been something to do with the recent Intel chip update, which made some machines unbootable and MS had to issue patches for).

I think that myself I would still run "Startup Repair" from the Advanced Startup just to see if it does find anything else.

(Now that you can get to Windows 10 the easiest way to get to the Advance Startup is to hold down the shift key and click on Restart).

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