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Unexpected scans and reboot

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I am running Free Malwarebytes for some time, current version 3.3.1. Up until now I have had no issues and scans have only occurred when I initiate them which I do periodically, at least once a month.

Yesterday however a scan ran automatically and I got a pop up telling me that a couple of issues had been detected - 2 PUPs and 'Trojan.downloader'. I was surprised as when I checked the settings automatic scans were NOT scheduled. The pop up indicated that Malwarebytes had failed to deal with the problems but I found them - they had been quarantined, which was also odd as the settings were set NOT to automatically quarantine items. I tried copying the file to clipboard but it didn't work, nothing copied. At this point I simply deleted the items and moved on.

Now today a similar thing happened. I was unaware that Malwarebytes was again performing an automatic scan until I got a pop up telling me that a re-boot was required. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to fully read what it said as it automatically instigated a re-boot before I had time to read it, let alone save my work! Arrrgh!!! Lost it!

Upon completion of the re-boot I opened Malware bytes and found that it had again identified and quarantined 'Trojan.downloader', so I deleted it again. This time it did allow me to export the text file so I attach it here. I checked the settings again - still not set to perform automatic scans. However, I do see that it is set to run Malwarebytes at start up, so perhaps that is why it seems to be automatically scanning? In the settings menu it does say that this feature is only available on Premium yet it is clearly shown as 'ON'. I am not running a free trial or anything like that. I have to say also that when I got the pop up and the reboot happened it was 5 hours after I had started the machine and scans typically take about 15 minutes so if the scan did happen because of the 'run at start up' setting it isn't clear why it took so long.

If Malwarebytes is going to do this at random and reboot without warning or giving the chance to save I am considering uninstalling it.

Can anyone shed any light on this strange behaviour??


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2 hours ago, RL1 said:

unexpectedly if I am then going to get a forced reboot without warning.

If you have the options in the scheduled scan to Quarantine all threats automatically and Restart computer when required for threat removal, then yes it would reboot the computer.

However if you have those two items unchecked, then you would be notified to clean and then asked to reboot if required.

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Thanks all. I have now turned off the automatic scheduled scan which should stop this happening again. Firefox,  although my settings show that automatic quarantine is unavailable (Premium only) the items found two days ago WERE quarantined automatically. I can't see a setting that says 're-start the computer as required', but if there is such a setting it seems odd that it would default to 'on'. Surely most people would want a warning so that they could save work rather than have their computer shut down on them without notice?

Anyway, as I say, solved for me now that I have turned off the auto scan. I much prefer to scan manually at a convenient time and have a reminder that prompts me to do this periodically.


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Thanks Firefox.

Now that I have deleted the scheduled scan the 'edit' button has disappeared so I can't access that screen any more, which is why I didn't see those settings. I don't know whether the scheduled scan was a trial because I never had it before, and having deleted it there is no option to add it back should I want to (not that I do at this juncture) as the 'add' button is greyed out.

Thanks again.

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21 minutes ago, Firefox said:

If they already had the 14 day trial, it will not bring it back again until a new version is available and it offers another 14 day trial....  Running the MB-CLEAN does not reset the 14 day trial.

But it should give the free scheduled scan back.

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