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32 minutes ago, BillGordonNM said:

ince I have numerous drives on my PC, how can I specify additional drives to be scanned?

Also be aware Full Scans do take a long time to complete.

There really is no need to perform a FULL or CUSTOM SCAN with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Why?

Malwarebytes is designed to remove malware effectively with a THREAT SCAN (formerly QUICK SCAN) which checks memory looks at the most prevalent places and known launch points for active malware infections. The THREAT SCAN also detects any running malicious files regardless of its location so even if the malware is running from a location not checked by the file system portion of the scan, the THREAT SCAN would still detect it. This check includes not only running processes, but also loaded modules such as .DLLs injected into other processes. Both scans use heuristics that bypasses polymorphic blackhat packers & encryption, MD5, check memory (loaded .exes and .dlls), unique strings, autostart load points and hotspots (everywhere current malware is known to load from) and multiple other malware checks which are not discussed in public to safeguard the program from malware writers who would use that information for nefarious purposes.

A Full Scan is generally only recommended for heavily infected systems...showing obvious indications (signs of infection and malware symptoms) that something is wrong.

And those scans take a long time and sometimes seem stuck and you should not use the computer for anything else at the same time. It takes time to scan full drives.

Also your AV is trying to scan each file every time MB accesses it to scan.

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