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18,000 threats per site?!


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I gather that adult sites are notoriously dangerous to visit, but the rest of this excerpt kinda shocked me:

"The security vendor says that "48 percent of the Dirtiest Web Sites are, well, dirty--sites that feature adult content." That means that more than half the sites cover a wide range of other categories including legal services, catering, figure skating, and electronics shopping, according to the report.

On average, sites on the dirtiest list have 18,000 threats per site, but 40 of the sites have in excess of 20,000 threats. One site that appears to offer restaurant catering services has 23,414 computer threats"

Woah! I knew multiple threats were possible, just not those kinds of numbers - especially of pages one wouldn't normally consider dodgy.

The rest of the article is here: http://news.cnet.com/8301-19518_3-10313771-238.html

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