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I have had Malwarbytes for much of the last decade.  The problems with the software crashing my PC's, leaving my PC's UNPROTECTED WITH NO WARNINGS OVER AND OVER again are intolerable.  I removed malwarebytes from 7 PC's over the weekend due to the 'glitch'.  24 hrs. later when we got the 'all clear' I reinstalled them.  Today ,looked at a few the PC's to find that the program decided to shut off any real time protection, scans etc.  on its own.  This is not the first time these glitches have occurred.  I am at the point where I will remove my software and never do business with this pathetic company again.  We need protection we can count on.  The last 15 months of the BS has been enough to turn this long term user and promoter into your most disgusted client.  

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29 minutes ago, longtermuser said:

find that the program decided to shut off any real time protection, scans etc.  on its own. 

I am terribly sorry you had issues last weekend,

Could you do the following and restart the computer twice after.

Download and run MB-CLEAN

  • Download MB-CLEAN
  • Close all open applications
  • Double-click and run mb-clean-
  • A prompt with an option to clean up the system will appear: click Yes
    • Yes - will proceed with backing up the license key (Malwarebytes 3.x only) and initiating the cleanup process
  • Once the cleanup process is completed, a prompt will appear:
    • Yes - will proceed and post reboot you will be prompted to continue with the downloading, installation and activation of latest version of Malwarebytes 3
    • No - will exit the utility and you will not be prompted (post reboot) to download, reinstall and re-activate (not recommended)
      • We recommend rebooting immediately. Additionally, stopping at this step is not recommended and will most likely not resolve your issue(s).
  • Upon reboot, a prompt will appear: click Yes
    • Yes - will download, install and activate the latest version of Malwarebytes 3
    • No - will exit the utility and Malwarebytes 3 will not be downloaded, reinstalled or re-activated (not recommended)

 If it does not offer the new install after the reboot you can download and install from here. 



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