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Undetectable infection?

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Hello there,

Recently I've noticed that my computer has started to act weirdly and I'm suspecting that I got infected, although I am not sure since I do not know much about this. 
So here's what's happening. It seems like my arrow keys (mostly the left one) are being pressed randomly by themselves. When I type, the cursor will sometime go back or when I watch Youtube videos, they will rewind or skip (as they do when pressing the left or right keys). Also, one time only, some functions of my antivirus (avast) had been disabled by themselves.

I've tried a full scan with avast and with Malwarebytes Premium, but nothing came out of it, hence my uncertainty of an infection. However, I tried going into safe mode without network, but both programs wouldn't launch, avast saying the the UI couldn't be loaded and Malwarebytes that the service couldn't be reached.

As instructed, I've linked my malwarebytes scan log and FRST files.

Thank you for your time.




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Hello Andyjig and :welcome:

My screen name is Android8888 but if you wish you can call me Rui which is my real name. I will be helping you with your malware issues. Please ask questions if anything is unclear.

Please read the instructions carefully and follow the directions in the order listed.

Now, download Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit BETA and save it to your computer Desktop.

  • Right-click on the icon and select Run as administrator to start the extraction of the program;
  • Click Yes to accept the security warning that may appear;
  • Click OK to extract it to your Desktop (MBAR will be launched shortly after the extraction);
  • Click on Next, and then on the Update button to let it update its database. Once the database has been successfully updated, click on Next;
  • Make sure all the checkboxes are checked, then click on the Scan button, and let it completes its scan (this can take a while);
  • Once the scan is done, if threats are found, make sure that every item is checked, and click on the Cleanup button (a reboot might be required);
  • After that (and the reboot, if one was required), go back in the mbar folder and look for a text file called mbar-log-TODAY'S-DATE.txt;

Please attach that log in your next reply for my review.

Thank you.


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Hello Rui and thanks for your time.

I've linked the log, but there was no problem found and no cleanup necessary.
I should mention that I've not experienced what I said in my first post for a while despite having done nothing more to try to fix it. Perhaps it was nothing after all... My antivirus getting disabled had me pretty worried though.

Thank you again for the help

mbar-log-2018-02-03 (14-53-13).txt

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53 minutes ago, Andyjig said:

Hello Rui and thanks for your time.

You're welcome Andyjig!

Okay, I don't see anything suspicious in the logs.

Are there any questions or that is all?


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Glad we could help.

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