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Determine Free vs Paid

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Hi all,

I'm working on a script to locate all free versions MalwareBytes on computers on a corporate network.

Is there any way (by looking at the registry, or a specific file) to determine whether a free or paid version on MalwareBytes has been installed?  It's easy enough to find machines with the app installed, but I'm stuck at checking free vs paid.

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No, it wouldn't apply to 2.x as the configuration files/structure was completely rewritten for 3.0+.  If I recall correctly, the license key info was still stored in the registry in 2.x as it had been in 1.x (primarily for the purpose of backwards compatibility).  For 2.x you should be able to find the ID/Key values located under HKLM\Software\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware I believe.

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Your offer was just too good to pass up:lol:

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but does mb-clean.exe take any command line arguments?  If so is there a list I can reference?

I've tried "/?", "/help", "/h", but it just prompts for EULA acceptance, and runs through the collection process.  Ideally, the process should run silently, and output to a specific folder.

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Well, I couldn't locate anything for MB-Check, however I did find this article which shows supported switches for the MB-Clean.exe uninstall utility so you might try some of the switches listed for that to see if they also work with MB-Check.  I also discovered that the older MBAM-Check.exe tool is still available, so if you find that the more recent MB-Check.exe tool does not work as desired for older (pre-3.x) versions of Malwarebytes, you might try this version and it should do the job.

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