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Definition/Engine version in Endpoints Listing


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With the recent attention to version of definitions and engines, how on earth do we view the versions and sort by versions on endpoints?  When you have 2,000 endpoints, you can't just click into each one.  Is there a listing of all endpoints and their component versions on the web/cloud portal?

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Detail on cloud version
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I have not been able to find anywhere in the Cloud portal where the update versions are listed. Many of my systems are sporadic with their network connections I would like to know which ones I can expect issues from ahead of time by being able to sort the endpoint list by Definitions and engines. 

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I guess it is time for a "Request for Enhancement" because this is a key indicator of what's installed where.  And to effectivelly manage a multiple sites with thousands of endpoints and NOT have this information does a disservice to the IT services provider!

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We can check the json file on the local machine or by C$

   "db_version" : "2018.01.29.02",
   "dbcls_pkg_version" : "1.0.3811",

I agree with you guys this is something we should add its a known feature request and we can hopefully expect to see this soon

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When you are talking about the viewable properties for the definition version in the cloud version, you are talking per endpoint that you have to check for the information correct?  It would be beneficial if you would add a column similar to the OnPrem console where you can group the endpoints by definition version rather that looking at each device and add to the report section as well.  Hopefully that could be included as a feature request soon!  Another nice option in the OnPrem console is the ability to see what the current definition file is in the Admin section.   I haven't been able to fine anywhere to get this information.  Is there a link you could provide that has this info? Thanks.


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