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Implement anti spam software for the forum

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1 minute ago, ncodex said:

It's quite ironic that Malwarebytes as a security company fails to prevent bots from creating threads on this forum to advertise malicious phone numbers/programs.

Consider getting StopForumSpam, CleanTalk and KeyCaptcha.

We do have these and much more implemented. :) Some of the current ones coming in (specifically over the last three weeks) are humans. We have to carefully weigh the cost of making it harder for them versus making it harder for our customers to use and enjoy the community.

If you've got more ideas to share, please do!

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Even if implemented, the spam bot scripts would certainly end up being adapted to it as they have around everything else (including captcha methods, trick questions and pretty much everything else) because they have humans who will create accounts on forums they target to specifically assess all of the security measures and required "hoops" to jump through and then program their spambot scripts accordingly so that they are able to deal with and overcome them.

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They change IPs all the time and use proxies to get around that type of blocking/filtering, but we do what we can.  The problem is it's just like fighting malware; it's a constant cat-and-mouse game where, whenever one side takes measures to give them the advantage, the other side adapts to overcome it.  So we just have to keep monitoring and banning the spammers/spambots and adjusting our filters and keep trying to improve our countermeasures against them.

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They've been testing a new anti-spam plugin, but it still needs some training to make certain it doesn't ban any legit users.  In the meantime we've been collecting data on the spambots and doing what we can with the tools we have to block as many proactively as possible.  We still have some slip through but things are noticeably better than they were in the past.

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