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Malwarebytes has completely ruined my laptop

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With the issue of the corrupt update that was sent out on 1/27/18, it has completely ruined one of my laptops. It will not boot in safe mode, I've attempted both restore points that were successful, still will not come up. Attempted to run the First exe which was posted on Malwarebytes this morning, my laptop will not recognize a usb or anything else for that matter. I modified the laptop to force it to come up in Safe Mode, loads the drivers, states starting in Safe Mode and I get a black screen and nothing at all. I have tried everything and at this point the laptop is ruined due to Malwarebytes and their corrupt update. This is complete BS.


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Both my laptop, wife's desktop computer and my youth pastor's computer all did this 1/27/2018! We have deleted Malwarebytes  after much duress on all three computers and everything is running like it should (of course without Malwarebytes on our systems!) If you do this make sure you have your License ID and License Key. I took a photo of the screen.

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  • Staff

We're sorry you had issues with our program.

Here is the best way to fix the issue.

1. Download the latest installer from https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3

2. This is installer has the Database built in which has the fix for yesterday's issue with High CPU usage.

3. If you have uninstalled everything please run this build and activate with your key.

4. If you still have the product running, run this installer on top of existing product. No need to uninstall.

Please let us know if this fixed your issues.

Thank you and we apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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Since W8 and W10 it is necessary to go through a menu (Windows being functional) to access the restoration points and the restoration menu.

When Windows is broken. Nothing works anymore. Thank you Microsoft

The F8 safe mode access menu at boot is no longer functional
You are in standard menu:  bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy standard


You can restore access by F8 by:  bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy
Command by cmd.exe in administrator mode

Because of this, it is always better to have a Usb key or repair CD or better a usb key or Windows installation dvd used ... to repair or reinstall

As for the image backup menu, that of Windows works pretty well ... as long as we have again the CD or DVD of Windows. just report to the repair menu to be able to do the restoration.

But Macrium, Acronis, Aomei or others ... why not    (I use Acronis and Aomei a lot for physical images on other drives ... commonly called a Ghost ... of Norton's legendary Ghost software)

Otherwise to proceed with the tear, with the DVD a reinstallation of Windows over the partition C: also works rather well. And keep personal files and applications ... (IN NO CASE, DO NOT FORMAT PARTITION C:    WARNING   :) 
we select partition C: and have it installed

The choices in the Windows restore menu are very important ... and the way to do it too ... to keep personal files (this is easy) and functional applications (this is more difficult)

 good luck and work your Windows

PS: I have a big doubt ... that Mbam is broken anything ...  I worked a day on one of my PCs ... while Mbam Web Protection was joking (I disabled it) and it was not until late that I saw Marcin's personal email (why Mbam would have broken Windows?)

PS 2 :  I'm sure Porthos will understand me  :) 


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