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Web Protection blocks on many systems


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HI all- I have over 4,000 machines in my organization and about 3,800 potentially affected so I pose this question:  if the user exited the application via the tray icon, will MWB still update itself?  Or will they require a restart?  Also- we use the console but the update is pushing very slowly and not sure of the fastest approach.  Thank you.

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@amiranda we're sorry you had issues with our program yesterday. We've addressed the issue and here's what you need to do to fix it

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection (cloud)

  1. From the Malwarebytes Cloud console, go to the endpoints pane and select all the endpoints.
  2. In the action drop-down, choose the ‘check for protection updates’ option to force an update on all endpoints to database update 1.0.3803 or higher.

This should fix the problem for the vast majority of Endpoint Protection endpoints. If endpoints are still affected after applying this, please reboot the machine.

If the remote agent is unable to reach out and get this update, then we must disable the web protection:

  1. In the Malwarebytes Cloud console, Go to the settings> policies> and open up the policy the clients are on.
  2. From here, go to the endpoint protection policy and turn off the “Web Protection” portion of the policy. Then:
    • If the machine is unresponsive, reboot the machine and log in.
    • Once in, right click on the tray icon and start a scan. This will force a database update and fix the issue.
    • Once updated, cancel the scan and reboot the machine.
  3. When the computers are all online and updated, please turn back on the web protection again in the Endpoint Policy.

To learn more about what happened, please go here: 

If the above doesn’t resolve the issue, please reach out to support at corporate-support@malwarebytes.com

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