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Malwarebytes and NodeJS

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I'm not privy to all the nuances of Malwarebytes (Premium v3). I just know it does a good job of protecting our system. However, we do a lot of web site development for clients and use node.js to run a "local" instance of our development site so we can troubleshoot and debug before deploying to the production server. Until recently (actually pretty much coinciding with the Windows update for Spectre and Meltdown), we cannot run this local instance. It normally takes about 2 - 3 minutes to compile up the resources, launch the http server and turn on watch folders. This compiling process does some interaction with a remote server (but never been an issue in the past). If we add or update a file the watch recompiles in under a couple of seconds. Now, when Malwarebytes is active and monitoring, it takes literally over 8 - 10 minutes to launch the local server and every file update to a folder takes anywhere from 2 - 8 minutes to recompile. It's basically useless to use. We assumed it was because of the windows update for Spectre/Meltdown (we are on Win7 Pro with 16 GB of memory). But when we had to shut down Malwarebytes yesterday due to the memory consuming issue, we noticed that our local instance was running quickly again. Turned on Malwarebytes this morning and went through the update process (no more memory hogging), but our local instance again was back to slow, slow slow. We shutdown Malwarebytes and ta-da, our local instance was as peppy as we expected.

In short, :-), is there something going on with this? Nothing is being blocked (we use Bit Defender as well and nothing blocked there either - firewall configured to let it work). It is bothersome that we need to shutdown Malwarebytes during development sessions (which is essentially 90% of the time)

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My response from support after looking at my logs is that this behavior is "expected".  Ransomware has a significant performance impact that exclusion list doesn't help with.  Anyone that uses their system for either gaming or rapid development must turn off malwarebytes completely during those activities to avoid performance impact. 

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