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No Protection - only thing that worked was to uninstall Avast

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All 3 of my computers were affected with no protection (or disabled) on MB. Yet there were other strange things going on as well. Not sure if it was a Malwarebytes Premium or Avast free update that started it all. I didn't have high resource usage, but couldn't open programs, etc. Avast ui wouldn't load and upon repair it said Malwarebytes was an infection. Also, just recently I started getting the MB couldn't load the rootkit driver.

I have what I believe was the latest updates package 1.0.3804 - v3.3.1.2183 - components 1.0.262 (MB Premium) - for windows 7 64-bit

Using Revo uninstaller I uninstalled Avast (and all associated registries) in advanced mode. Rebooted and MB is all good. 

Two questions:

Does anyone really know if it was MB or Avast that created the havoc?

Does anyone have recommendations for an Avast free replacement? Bitdefender OK?


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Well, waking up to phone calls from my clients. I can tell you that MB had an issue from their update. I wonder if Avast has a similar bug in their update as well? I personally find that combination of MB with Microsoft security essentials active is a good combination (windows defender etc on name depending on version.) Anymore I find MB seems to detect faster then most of their competition so I generally use it as the main. The free version of AVG has worked well in past for me to, but have not been using that on clients much anymore unless requested.

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