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Web Protection Is Switched Off And Cannot Be Turned On

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3 minutes ago, onlinebusinesssupport said:

We try to turn it on and it just says Starting...


We're sorry you had issues with our program today. We've addressed the issue and here's what you need to do to fix it.

*** How to resolve / verify you have the fixed update package ***

  • Update package version 1.0.3803 (Malwarebytes 3) or v2018.01.27.12 (Malwarebytes 2.x) or higher contains the fix
  • To resolve, simply reboot your machine. In some cases, a second or even third reboot may be needed.
  • To verify you have this update, go to Settings ->  About -> Update package version: 1.0.3803

To learn more about what happened, please go here:

If you continue to have issues or experience new ones, please start a new thread and we'll happily look into that for you.

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Also beginning today, My Windows 10 PC began experiencing issues with freezing, removing shortcuts, and a black screen necessitating most times a hard reboot.   After numerous reboots, I managed to trace the problems to Malwarebytes.  It also put up a message that web protection was turned off, but it couldn't be turned back on.  Ultimately I was forced to uninstall Malwarebytes Premium and download a fresh copy.  While the Malwarebytes version and component version was the same as what I had, there was a difference in the update package version.  I had 1.0.3799 and the new one was 1.0.3803.

I'm unable to ascertain as to whether it was the fresh copy of Malwarebytes or the updated package version that provided the remedy, but I'm pleased a remedy was forthcoming.

I just got around to reading the post by Porthos and it seems the 1.0.3803 was indeed the remedy.

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3 minutes ago, acguitar84 said:

It was a really interesting morning to say the least, but I'm glad I didn't have to reload windows. Glad it was something that could be fixed easier by an update. Kudos to Malwarebytes for getting it out quick. Sorry for those affected more than I was.

Yeah, lol I woke up to my customers I service all calling with issue that they cant get anything to work. Was really nice when the patch came out that most of them had the issue fixed without me doing anything.

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