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All of our win7 machines are still having issues from the bad dat.  Rebooting doesn't search for new dats, trying to ping out on the affected machines receives general failure responses.  We're running anti malware and anti exploit.  The only solution seems to be to disable the malwarebytes services, after restarting them have same issue and it never updates.  db info = 2018/01/27 10:30:31 -0500, think some also have an 11:57 one that doesn't work as well.  

All of the other solutions seem to say reboot/update fixes it, but not on ours.  If we hit check for updates it says it's at the latest version.  I've also told the clients (offline) to update.  We're running on premise management console not a cloud version. '


duplicate post because I'm not sure where to post it.

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We're sorry you had issues with our program today. We've addressed the issue and here's what you need to do to fix it.

It sounds like you're running the on-premises console (Malwarebytes Managment Console) - here are specific instructions for that platform:

Malwarebytes Endpoint Security (On-Premises)

First step to get the update is to disable the real-time protection. To do this in the Management console:

  1. Open up the policy the clients are on and go to the protection tab.
  2. From here, disable the ‘enable protection module’ option.
  3. Once this is done click OK. When your clients check in they will get this new policy update.
  4. Once real-time is protection is disabled and your clients can communicate, highlight the endpoints on the client screen and click the update database button at the top.
  5. After the update is applied, a reboot of the machine may be required.

Note: If your client cannot resolve internal addressing, then re-installing the agent manually on the machine will need to be done. The client will not be able to reach out to the server for a policy update and will never be able to turn off the real-time protection.

To learn more about what happened, please go here: 

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