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IMPORTANT: Web Blocking / RAM Usage

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10 minutes ago, deathonstilts said:

Looks like they just released an update that has resolved the Malicious Site filter module, though no official word from MBAM support just yet. Was on problematic database version: v2018.01.27.06 and just updated to v2018.01.27.12. The site blocking notifications ceased. Note - running the Enterprise version of MBAM.

I just pulled down v2018.01.27.12 and I am not getting any web blocking notifications either. Memory leak seems to have been resolved also.




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So that was it!

Y'all owe me a new pair of shorts. To whom do I send the bill?

The crashes this morning were spectacular. Never seen the (7 Home Premium) computer use up ALL of the 16GB of RAM! Windows memory services was pretty mad about it, too.

Guess I will do another reinstall.

For the record, it all started with the notorious "web protection services turned off" and will NOT turn back on at all...

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While this problem was occurring I went to the Task Manager and ended Malwarebytes.  Then I went to make sure that my Windows Defender was still running and received a notice that the app was not installed on my computer.  So I turned Malwarebytes back on and went to make sure that Malwarebytes was still selected to "Never register Malwarebytes in the Windows Action Center" and YIKES!  My Premium version was gone and Malwarebytes had reverted to the "Free" edition and the options had changed under the Windows Action Center and the option to select "Never register Malwarebytes in Windows Action Center" was GRAYED OUT so no way to get Windows Defender turned back on to protect my system!! 

This is a real bug, if your program fails we should always be able to default back to Windows Defender.  I was without any antivirus protection at all and no way to register my license number in the Free version since that was grayed out as well.  

It would also be nice if you know you have a problem if you would please send an immediate email out to your subscribers because I spent way too long trying to figure out what was going on this morning thinking I had a virus and trying to troubleshoot a problem that was on your end.  PLEASE communicate with us ASAP when you have a problem! 

Thanks for getting on this right away and hopefully getting it fixed for everyone.  Also hope this doesn't happen again!   

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9 minutes ago, pcolaagent said:

OMG! I have referred Malwarebytes and installed on several friends computers as well as mine, my phone is ringing off the hook. I uninstalled in order to use my Surface Pro, I am not sure I will reinstall at this point. Having said that, this has been my protection for many years without incidence and I am sorry this happened. I won't reinstall until I feel safe doing so.

With ya there. My Surface is pretty much hosed at the moment, using 100% cpu and the RAM usage is going up (never seen it run away like it is now). Restarted multiple times, no update. I can't even get the program to work right at this moment, much less having it brick the UI. What a wasted morning so far. And none of my PC's are seeing any update, pushed or not...


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Confirm !

Issue is fix .


Fix step :


Please reopen the Malwarebytes service , and run Malwarebytes ,

make sure to push the " update " button before the system going to crash .



Close Malwarebytes by right chick on MB icon ,

than reopen Malwarebytes ,

make sure your version is :






It's stable for me now .



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