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Yippee! So you think I'm good? The email backup stuff is nothing other than some backup email files. I'll pop them onto a CD and delete them from my drive. I did upgrade Windows and install ZoneAlarm. I also ran CCleaner. Can you provide me a link to the Adobe Upgrade? I tried looking for it but everything wanted to charge me money.

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http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html My original advice stands. The best professional advice I can give you is to reformat. I cannot guarantee you are free of the rootkit etc. I did all I could.

You are eventually going to have something happen that requires a reformat. It's a given. You should backup your data now and reformat. I'm not good at doing backups either and have had to reformat several times for one reason or another and every time I lost stuff I really wanted to keep. I have a machine sitting right now that is most likely infected, I'm hoping MBAM gets to the point I can run it and clean the machine. Because I don't want to reformat!! :P

I can't keep it booted long enough to backup anything. Don't make my mistake.

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Since this issue is resolved to the best of anyone's ability, I will close the thread. If you require further assistance please start a new topic.

The advice in this thread is specific to this machine. Using any instructions from here on your machine can cause complete ruination. Start your own thread and get help for your system.

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