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IMPORTANT: Web Blocking / RAM Usage Issue

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8 minutes ago, SonOfTheStars said:

People who claim "Malwarebytes does not test their product" are simply wrong. They do, both Automated and User tests.

What you dont understand is that Memory Leaks like this one are hard to find in automated and even the usually rather short paced user tests. Memory Leaks are a problem that for a reason mostly only ever gets caught by consumers. because they are often conditional and hard to spot until you actively run analysis on your system memory usage.

Non constructive criticism wil be ignored and if you want to go somewhere else, just pack your stuff and leave without the rant. Ranting just wastes everyones time including your own.

LOL you are kidding right? 

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I am censoreding PISSED !!!!!!!

HAve lost hours and hours of work, trying over and over again and after an hour of use the computer freezes up and dies. Like they did in the old days...

After slamming and kicking my computer, i just managed to open the task manager before 3rd crash and saw MBM at an 18 GIGABYTTES RAM LOAD....... and machine died.

F YOU.... i pay premium, many licences... at least send a f'ing mail to your customers explaining whats up! GOD DAMN............................. this is not cool.

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1 minute ago, trecool223 said:

Kill the malwarebytes service, it will restart itself with web protection off and the premium license deactivated, but at least for the moment this fix works. just get your code back from your purchase email when it will be fixed


if you retype the code, and you minimize malwarebyte, and then open it the problem comes back

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12 minutes ago, AzKat said:

Am I going to receive a refund for the laptop screen that was left in "idle" and burned out as a side effect of this "bug" ? Or should I force a refund of the program?

A screen that burns out due a bug that is less than 2 hours old.  What an absurd post.  

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To people who actually have an issue I suggest you uninstall Malwarebytes for now, as disabling Real Time Protection doesn't fix that issue.

Clean-uninstall Malwarebytes using this https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1034

Restart your computer, and wait for official updates.

I did this and look at this, RAM usage suddently dropped when "MBAMservice.exe" was uninstalled.

MBAM 2.png

MBAM 3.png

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Instead of making us wait Malwarebytes ... Why not update rollback to prev working version and push fix when ready.  Lock outs are unacceptable business practices.

This issue has locked out all computers in the house and shows that if a software service dependency like malwarebytes is hijacked, we are in serious trouble.

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