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bunch of stuff blocked all of a sudden such as all of google

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Because your DNS is blocked too! What a complete and utter disaster. Especially if its google DNS, once you start blocking DNS servers, your stuck with a catch22. Cant update because of the blocks, but you need to update but you cant. 

In a personal or a small company environment its easy just to disable things and get around. But in large corporations where everything is tiered and graded, you just created an economical disaster for that company. Yikes.... 

Luckily its Saturday here in North America so the impact should be minimal. 

Have to disable all protections. 

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If they are continually pushing definitions but cant really "find the problem". There is the slight chance that the system was HACKED. 

Because, I dont see someone creating that big of a mistake in a definition file to block just about everything, However, thats something a hacker could and would want to do... 

Look into that one. 

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2 minutes ago, jamestlarson said:

Malwarebytes is hacked?????! Uh oh.....

Nope, not saying that they were. However judging by how Malwarebytes software is acting and that their definition updates they have pushed 4, 5, and 6 hasnt fixed it, Well one could only assume... 

I dont know the architecture of the software, but Somehow its ignoring the rulesets issued by the newer definitions file for some reason. 

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1 minute ago, jwhitespro said:

When i checked my console machines with v02 had the issue...i don't know for sure if the console was completely up to date but it should have been based on the checkin date.

Okay... what about v01? Maybe go back a full day?

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