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Endpoint Protection always wants to reboot

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Trying to install Endpoint Protection Oct 17 install.  After the install, I get a pop up on the machine that says its needs to reboot even after a reboot.

1) I have used mb--clean /cloud to remove, went through the registry to clean up, did the cleanreg.zip from previous posts.

2) The malwarebytes service will not start only the Endpoint Agent Service is showing.

OS windows 1709  16299.125

Any help is appreciated.


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We have Malwarebytes Endpoint - Cloud and are having a reoccuring reboot issue too. We have uninstalled - reinstalled - used the MB-Clean tool (most recent) rebooted and still the stations prompt for a reboot after Malwarebytes is reinstalled. I can't get any response from support - I have 5 open tickets on this and other issues and after the weekend fun of the web protection my users are getting very frustrated. Is there a fix for this sudden reboot issue? We haven't had this since September and now all of a sudden, workstations are continually prompting for reboots.

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The reboot issue is growing even after the web protections fix. I came into work today to more pc's wanting reboots to finish installing malwarebytes updates. We tried all of the steps outlined in another post and ended up uninstalling malwarebytes until a solution can be found. We've been on the cloud version since September and this issue started appearing last week.


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We have 8 open tickets and none have been responded to. I have been combing the forum in hopes of a solution. We have tried the mb-clean.exe with the /cloud and the /managed switch. The issue is growing on a daily basis and I'm really looking for a fix that doesn't involve days and days of my labor hours.




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On 1/26/2018 at 6:22 PM, djacobson said:

@JamieParisi uninstall the MBEP product as normal from control panel, then use the cleaner in an admin elevated CMD prompt, use the /cloud switch and then follow it with a /managed switch. Restart the machine and reinstall the MBEP product.

@mkhanolkar also use the /managed switch, /cloud will not remove your previous MBMC managed installs.

As previously mentioned, I have done all this /cloud, /managed  and it is still not working what else would you suggest.

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This is an issue as well for the client I am rolling this out for, constant reboots. I am very familiar with the orphaned registry keys that get left behind, I have even went the extra mile and did deep scans to see if there was anything what so ever relating to all known mbam services and executables etc etc. I have with 100% certainty confirmed everything is gone as well as gone from windows explorer folders and files. Everytime I reinstall i get the same issue with the reboots. 1 thing that is different is it is a 32bit machine, and i did run the 32bit installer. Please advise

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We've also been experiencing this issue, among numerous others.  We disabled the reboot options haven't seen the reboot problem since.  We've now had to rely on end-users to manually think to restart their PC's to help clean up infections.

The option was here: Policies > [Select Policy affected] > Endpoint Protection tab > Turn off:  Restart endpoint when required. This applies to Detection removal

It defeats the purpose of using a protection product when you need to disable half of the functionality so it doesn't interfere with the endpoints day-to-day operations.

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  • Staff

@jarodss there's a few services without the name "malwarebytes" or "mbam" in it from old MBMC deployments. A new install from a freshly downloaded cloud agent installer will have the new pre-cleaning ability in it to help with this issue following upgrades. This was part of the Feb 6th maintenance - 


  • Fixed: Customers migrating from legacy Malwarebytes products (including Malwarebytes Anti-Malware v1.6, Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit v1.08, and Malwarebytes Management Console v1.6) will require 2 reboots in a row to complete the installation
  • Fixed: Some customers who have already migrated from legacy Malwarebytes products were stuck in a reboot loop during the last cloud update due to legacy products leaving behind orphaned registry keys

@roryschmitz the delete-on-reboot function will work with any reboot, you're not loosing functionality and taking any risks, it is not necessary to reboot right away, the behavior is still stopped and the item is still quarantined, if it does get marked as DOR, again, that can happen during any old reboot.


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