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Malware Protection is off – won’t stay on.

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So what the heck happened to MalwareBytes in the last 47-72 hours.

I've had the Premium version for years on two of my PCs and suddently today, dead.

No real time protection - won't turn on.

Did mb-clean, reinstall,  same issue.

Manually cleaned, reinstalled, same issue.


NOT a single change to my PC, no installs of othter applications... WAS ALSO using gigantic amounts of memory!

MALWAREBYTES just went from #1 to 'below low'... FIX this issue. IT Is with the Malwarebytes program/updates of the last few days as NOT one change has been made to my pc

Oh, MSCE, CNE, A+, Server+, Network+, Cisco certed too... Malwarebytes has just created a hole in my wall.


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We're sorry you had issues with our program today. We've addressed the issue and here's what you need to do to fix it.

*** How to resolve / verify you have the fixed update package ***

  • Update package version 1.0.3803 (Malwarebytes 3) or v2018.01.27.12 (Malwarebytes 2.x) or higher contains the fix
  • To resolve, simply reboot your machine. In some cases, a second or even third reboot may be needed.
  • To verify you have this update, go to Settings ->  About -> Update package version: 1.0.3803

To learn more about what happened, please go here:

If you continue to have issues or experience new ones, please start a new thread and we'll happily look into that for you.

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