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Exclusions for user profiles - unbelievable

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We're running console version and agent version  I just came across something that I cannot believe, yet we verified with support twice.  This version provides no way of making an exclusion for a generic user profile.  So if we're trying to exclude "C:\Users\<user profile>\Program XYZ\Version 23" the best Malwarebytes can do is exclude "C:\Users\*" which essentially excludes everything in all user profiles - a deal breaker.

I'm blown away that a modern AV company provides no way to wildcard a user profile.  Has anyone else run into this?

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8 minutes ago, MarkFleming said:

We're using C:\Users\*\NTUser.pol as an exclusion, and it seems to work? (Exclude a file by path).


There's also examples of wildcards used in a directory structure for directory exclusions, but I can't say I've tried those yet...

You must not be on the same version as us.  We're not on the cloud version.

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@BrentB9193 This is a known limitation with the legacy product. You cannot use wildcards in the middle of the path for a file or folder location. Only registry keys can do that. The legacy product's ignore list also does not support drive share letters or \\ unc paths. If you are experiencing a false positive we have other ways which we can explore to mitigate something you don't want detected. The new cloud product does not have this issue, this is where the "fix" went.

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