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What is going on with this program?

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Hello, I am new to the forums and unfortunately the only reason I have come is to find out what exactly is going on with this program, and to inform others that may be having similar issues. My concern is that I own a 3-license key to Malwarebytes until end of 2019. I noticed that lately, with a few updates, I cannot get into harmless websites because Malwarebytes blocks them. Including my router, I can log in, and the next page which shows all the instruments to configure, is blocked by Malwarebytes... really? I have to turn it off to get around that. Next, I play computer games, tonight I realized that nothing in my World of Warcraft was saving (the UI and configuring files), I tried every damn thing possible, and then realized maybe Malwarebytes did something, I go into the quarantine and there are game files in there.... sigh. Finally, I cannot log into my bank without the same Malwarebytes icon on the screen telling me the site is unsafe....

Your program is becoming a damn headache. Right now I spend more time with it off, than I do on. It seems like wherever you get your information from, there is someone hardcore trolling files that are not harmful, and just adding them to your update list. It's causing more frustration to me than it's worth. Right now I envy people with the free version, they don't have all the tools to block a simple everyday website, that is not harmful whatsoever. 

My parents whom I bought this for originally, in fear they'd blow up their computers just watching the PC screen (they're not very PC literate) have had this for some time and my dad used to always complain that Malwarebytes prevented him from going to everyday websites, like his realtor websites and other things that he does. I said that's not true, until I have started having these same issues. Now I find how legitimate his complaints are, and understand why he himself uninstalled the program (premium) and reinstalled it just for the free version, that does not watch our every move, and block regular everyday harmless websites. 

Now yes, I can go make exceptions, but those don't work very well. I have my downloads folder under exception and every time I open something that the program doesn't like, it goes around the exception and decides to quarantine the file anyway. 

This is not a complaint, I am just very frustrated with this. I don't understand why it is doing this, and I don't understand why it has been happening just recently. The program was excellent about 4 months ago, but recently, especially with the latest updates, this has really been getting obnoxious. As of now, my Malwarebytes if off. I'll try it again in a few months if you ever fix it, if not, then I will just stop using it. 

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5 minutes ago, CTG said:

I don't understand why it is doing this, and I don't understand why it has been happening just recently.

We can help you figure it out. Most issues are not because of the program and is caused by other software you might using.

Let's try and get some logs first so the team can review them and see if they can tell what may be causing your issues.... Please use an Administrator account when doing the following,

  1. FIRST: Create and obtain Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) logs
  2. Download FRST and save it to your desktop. Tell any program that blocks it to ignore or allow. It IS SAFE. It contains no info that can identify or harm you.
  3. NOTE: You need to run the version compatible with your system. You can check here if you're not sure if your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit
  4. Double-click to run FRST and when the tool opens click "Yes" to the disclaimer
  5. Press the "Scan" button
  6. This will produce two files in the same location (directory) as FRST: FRST.txt and Addition.txt
    NOTE: These two files will be collected by the MB-Check Tool and added to the zip file for you
  7. NEXT: Create and obtain an mb-check log
  8. Download MB-Check and save to your desktop
  9. Double-click to run MB-Check and within a few second the command window will open, then click "OK"
  10. This will produce one log file on your desktop: mb-check-results.zip
  11. Attach this file to your forum post by clicking on the "Drag files here to attach, or choose files..." or simply drag the file to the attachment area
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7 hours ago, CTG said:

As of now, my Malwarebytes if off. I'll try it again in a few months if you ever fix it, if not, then I will just stop using it. 

You are right about Web protection , which seems to be quite unreliable, look at the amount of FPs in this forum.

But, as long as you paid for the software already, why don't you un-select the Web protection only and leave the other 3 on.

I run MBAM (with web protection off)  and MSE on win7 without problems or slowdown.

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  • Staff

@CTG  What is the Component Package version of the installation you are seeing these web blocks on?  Open Malwarebytes and click Settings > About tab

If it is 1.0.273 that is the Beta version which we have discovered is having issues with web protection. You'll want to use mb-clean from https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb_clean to remove your current version and install the latest stable release

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