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Counterspy Installation

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Hi Guys,

I know you say that MBAM should not conflict with other antispyware programs but prior to installing Counterspy, they do recommend disabling all other

installed antispyware programs.

In the event that I do install this program, I will not enable realtime protection, just in case it should conflict with my installed MBAM 1.40 program. Trouble

is that at the moment all security programs are running trouble free-no conflicts and I don't really want to Uninstall/Reinstall MBAM.

OS: Vista Home Premium SP2,ZoneAlarm Pro, Avast4.8Pro, MBAM, and SuperAntispyware.

If I install Counterspy, I will switch turn off Windows Defender.

I would be interested in your views on this matter and await your anticipated reply.

Kind regards, Brian67

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I just did a quick Google search on counterspy, and if what I was reading is correct, Counterspy also has an AntiVirus component, which would mean that you would need to uninstall your current AV since you should never run two AV's at the same time.

As for your question, in my personal opinion, Malwarebytes is one of the best anti-malware programs out there, if not THE best. Personally, I'd stick with that over the other program, but if you want to go ahead and use the other program instead, go ahead.

However, protection might re-enable upon restart or reboot of your computer (I am not positive on this though, so hopefully someone else will jump in here) so you may need to uninstall, run an mbam clean tool (which I can get the link for you if you need it), reboot, and then redownload mbam as an on-demand scanner. Again, I am not positive on this last bit, so lets see if anyone else answers :(

Another thing that just came to mind, you might just have to add a few things to exclusions lists to use this program with your other programs.

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I am running Vista on a Quad Core with Malwarebytes, Norton Internet Security 2009, SuperAntiSpyware, Window Defender, Norton Anti-Bot, CounterSpy all running with no issues or exceptions required to run. CounterSpy does not have an Anti-Virus function, it is only Anti-Spyware, it is their product VIPRE that has the Anti-Virus

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Many thanks Dave34 and mountaintree16 for your help and advice.

I do regard MBAM as my No.1 antimalware program and my adding Counterspy, should I go ahead, is not meant as a replacement but as an extra

layer of protection, especially with Windows Defender disabled.

It's good to hear Dave34, that Counterspy doesn't conflict with your other programs but searching various forums, it seems that some people have

experienced problems when installing.

However, once again, many thanks for advice.

Best wishes, Brian67

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