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IP MalBytes - 21 Attacks in last 10 days


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I have MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Version 1.40 Database version: 2639. I have been using this program for months.

In the last 10 days I have continually gotten alert baloons for IP infections for at least 21 IP's. Some of the IP infections are coming from the same IP - 6 times!

I run my licensed program and get NO infections displayed from a Quick or Full scan.

What does this all mean? Is my PC actually infected? Is there a program available that will actually remove these presumed 'threats'?

Is my MalwareBytes program working correctly?

Some the IP's that have come up are: As far as I can tell they are all from China?

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Chances are this is being caused by your P2P program.

For information on what the balloons mean etc, please refer to;


This does not necessarily indicate an infection being present, it simply means something on your computer (e.g. browser, IM, P2P client) tried connecting to a known malicious IP or IP range.

Please note however, the 218. addresses you listed, are on a range that is known for malware and exploits.



Because of this, I'd strongly advise following the advice at;


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Thank you for the information. I continue to get IP alerts, some 20 more since my posting. I tried to track them for some identity and continue to see that China is shown as the origination. I wonder if there is a software bug in the program or ? as this was not an issue two weeks ago.

I can only assume that MalwareBytes is protecting me from any IP infection that comes up

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