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AdwCleaner Forced Reboot


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I am a Malwarebytes Premium customer. I am using AdwCleaner on Windows 10. I run a scan. It identifies several PUP.Optional.Legacy items. I check one of particular concern and hit Clean. It gives me a dialog that says, "All processes will be closed - Please save your current work if any." This is absolutely what I do not want. I have several projects underway, involving hours of work. I cannot shut them down now. Unfortunately, the dialog does not provide a "No" option, nor a "Remind me in 4 hours" option," so I click the X in the upper right corner to kill that dialog. The PUP is not important -- I can return to this AdwCleaner thing later.

Unfortunately, the dialog will not accept No for an answer. The X in the upper right corner does not function as that X normally does: it does not prevent the task from proceeding. Instead, shutdown proceeds, I lose those hours of work, and everything I was doing is converted into a complete mess -- just as if I had clicked OK.

I had forgotten why I never used AdwCleaner. Now I remembered that something like this had happened a year or two earlier. They got me that time, too.

We all think that our own perspective is most important. I am humbly reminded that all those hours of work I lost, thank to this bug (or should I say "feature") in AdwCleaner, are trivial in the grand scheme of life and eternity. I can only hope that the AdwCleaner programmer will discover comparable humility, when considering whether his/her creation deserves the priority of canceling out hours' worth of work, when the user expressly indicates otherwise.


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I'm sorry to hear that, believe me. This step is important to properly clean your computer from the traces that are found. That being said, the "[x]" button is confusing and shouldn't proceed further as if you've clicked [OK].

This behavior is fixed in the coming 7.1 which will get a more explicit message.

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This is still a problem as of 3/6/18

Can we please disable this unnecessary function? Not even the flashship Malwarebytes main program requires such a forced reboot despite the users attempt to avoid.

Albeit not common, I do have situations in which this prevents me from even using the ADW Cleaner program as I cannot be forced by a program to reboot when I do not wish to reboot.

Thank you

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