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MWB blocking a download I just purchased.

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I just purchased a Win 7 Pro download from Instant Software Store. It is an electronic download. When I attempted to download it I got the message that digitalriversecure.com IP was in MWB database as a malicious website. I just need to verify this so I can file with my credit card fraud department. I need 100% info of this. I hate to cry wolf if its only a mouse.


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I have been seeing things that are worrisome. The email receipt ends up showing 3 different company names at different steps. I tried to check and see if they were bogus. I Googled them and after several hours I ran them through several checks like scam advisor and a couple others and they came back as 90% + safe. I thought that was ok. I thought they may have been selling maybe OEM install files. I had a friend years ago that worked for a PC retailer and they bought license for like a zillion systems and he handed them out like candy. I am not sure how that all works but I know Win 7 is very old now and I did not think this was weird. I did read that some resell reclaimed installs and I am not sure how that works but I know I lost thousands of dollars thru the years on buying new OS install discs. Right now I have 2 brand new XP one a Pro and one a Home. I got them from Circuit City before they went out of business. I wanted to keep them because I had a couple HP systems at the time with the OEM install disc fiasco where they made you buy install discs if you ever had to format your drives. Well I got a virus and had to format and they screwed me. I also had main processors burn up and when I replaced them the OEM discs no longer worked. So I bought these for safe keeping. I loved XP and hoped to keep them running forever. I also had this happen on Win 95 and 98. I bought new install discs but used those.  They are real and legit. Well I pulled an old tower out of the closet and updated with newer internals wanted it so I can use my R/C sim on my big screen. This was going to be all it would do. I grabbed my WIn XP Home and it would not accept the key. The key was right on the sealed CD case. Of course XP no longer supported. SO I tried the Pro and the same thing happened. SO I lost a few hundred dollars right there. 2 coasters I cant use.

It does rip  me up when you get screwed.


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1 hour ago, cybor462 said:

It does rip  me up when you get screwed.

Here is the reality of 2018 and the future, Windows 10 is here to stay and trying to resurrect old computers older than 5-7 years old is an exercise in futility unless you want to learn Linux. 

It is hard to find a LEGIT KEY to buy as a download for any OS because even the big retailers have 3rd party sellers who sell non-legit keys.. (all who want to post trying to debate that I will ask for the post to be closed.)

While stock remains you can buy a system builder OEM disk from for example Newegg.

The system builder disk was not intended for the regular consumer but it will work at a price lower than full retail versions. That version is tied to the first computer you install it to and dies with that computer per MS. 

Legit refurbished systems are cheap now and if purchased from an authorized MS refurbisher are legit.   

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