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So, recently I noticed some strange add-on abruptly which kinda spooked me. I mean, I'm really a safe/skeptical person when it comes to browsing the web. I used to have BitDefender but, it malfunctioned or something and ate up literally all of my C: drive space (like 30 GBs). It was causing a great slow down of my PC performance which turned me away from them ultimately. With that, I really don't have a reliable antivirus, and so i use basic things like Malwarebytes/Hitman Pro. 

Anyways, for this random extension that was added without my notice, I of course scanned consistently using malwarebytes, which it picked up on PUP files that derive from my Sync Data/Web Data ? I At first,  just disabled and removed the extension from google, and then afterwards did the quarantine of the PUP file. Then, of course, removed them. Still though, as a genuinely safe browser for the most part, what even is this file if anyone might know? I looked at the reviews, a small bit of people mentioned that it was either spam or virus. And, well, one thing's for sure, I definitely don't want to have to worry about rootkits, trojans, or malware.. So for the most part im hoping it's eternally gone.

Also! As a side question if anyone may know as i've been dead curious... What is SPug? I've noticed sometimes when i go to like media sites using incognito on Google that SPug.Txt just randomly installs itself. I've looked it up and really all i see is that it is associated with BitTorrent/UTorrent, both of which I don't use nor do i have.

P.S I can attach the text file in regards to the PUP results from Malwarebytes if necessary.

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