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MBMC Not Downloading

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If you use "External database" option, you cannot use Windows credentials. The SQL must be in mixed mode and you'll need to use the SA account during this part of the setup to create the database. Later on the SA account can be changed out for another SQL account using db_owner permissions instead.

If you choose the "Embedded database" option, then that will use Windows credentials, however, if your server already has an existing SQL Express install it will fail, you need to create a new instance within that existing SQL Express and connect to that instance as if it were External SQL, which will then require the use of SQL account instead of Windows.

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This is a complicated portion of the install, I'm not sure how to word the process for you. If you choose the "Use External Database" option, you cannot use Windows logons, you need to use the SQL SA account first to let the database be created. Here's the process, as much of it that I could break down and simplify.

Download a new SQL Express installer, choose the one that matches the Express that is already in place on the server.

Then follow these instructions for setup:

  1. Choose to create a New Installation.
  2. Choose "New Installation or Add Features" then click Next.
  3. Accept the license, then click Next, then Next again.
  4. Name the instance (I suggest naming it Malwarebytes) then click Next.
  5. Click "Use Same Account for all SQL Server services."
    • On the popup, enter your Windows credentials.
  6. Choose Mixed Mode authentication.  Create a password for the SA account, then click Next.
  7. Click Next two more times and finish the SQL installation.
  8. Now proceed with the Malwarebytes Management Server installation.
  9. On the SQL step choose 'Use External Database."
    • Enter the Database Address, if named Malwarebytes from step 4, it will be ".\Malwarebytes" without the quotes.
    • Enter the username as SA, and then the password you created for it.
  10. Proceed with the installation as normal


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