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I've been looking at some browsers in addition to FireFox, IE8, and Opera. For some reason, I like the look and quick load speed of SlimBrowser. I have heard that it is basically a "shell" of IE. My question is, since even the larger browsers have security problems, and need to be patched and updated, is it even more insecure to use a smaller browser like SlimBrowser, that may not have resources to find security problems and fix them? Do most good anti virus and anti malware programs take care of the security breaches that can exist in a browser, or is it still risky and better to use one of the better known browsers for security.

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I would have to say its a matter of what you like. All browsers have bugs in them. Being that IE is on the top of the most used one, then it gets explioted more than others. If you have a good antivirus program (must be keep up to date) and have a good program like Malwarebytes running in the back ground you should be ok.

Also stay away from known sites that can potentially have malicious software on them (ie. porn sites, crack sites and the like).

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