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DNS Hijacked

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As has already been stated, what you are describing has nothing to do with DNS Hijacking or the OSX/MaMi malware which is hard coded to use IP addresses & It would have been better to have started a new topic, or better yet taken it to a more appropriate forum since I've seen no connection to Malwarebytes in anything you've outlined.

Personally, I don't think this is really is the right place to be discussing such things, especially if you suspect the user has been subjected to identity theft or other illegal cyber activity. The computer should be turned off now and law enforcement contacted so that the computer can be examined by certified forensic personal. belongs to the Hurricane Electric, Inc., a well know Internet Service Provider since 1994 which is the worlds largest provider of IPv6 services and over the years has been used by most ISP's that were initially unable to provide such services themselves. It's totally unremarkable for mDNSResponder to be contacting one of their servers to translate an IPv6 address and highly unlikely to be involved in the type of activity you outlined.

The damage you have described could only be accomplished by physical access to the computer itself or shared access approved by the user. It is not known to be possible to access a Mac drive over the Internet or from the local network without explicitly granting permission. 

One possibility would be if Back To My Mac has been enabled and the login credentials (userID and password) compromised or guessed. 


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The IP Address above beyonds to Hurricane Electric LLC - Fremont CA. This a a known good company so far as I know. I have known of them for at least 5 years. I used to use them for a IPv4 to IPv6 connector.

If you are have issues with that IP address..... contact them.

OrgAbuseHandle: ABUSE1036-ARIN

OrgAbuseName:   Abuse Department

OrgAbusePhone:  +1-510-580-4100

OrgAbuseEmail:  abuse@he.net

OrgAbuseRef:    https://whois.arin.net/rest/poc/ABUSE1036-ARIN

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