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JS:Agent Removal

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There is no Mac malware called JS:Agent. That's a generic name usually used to refer to JavaScripts of a malicious nature, which are typically found on a website. These scripts may be designed to display a tech support scam pop-up, use your computer's CPU time to mine cryptocurrency, perform some kind of tracking operations for a shady advertising service, or even exploit a vulnerable Windows PC to install malware. (There are no vulnerabilities currently known to be used on Mac to deliver malware in this manner.)

Most likely AVG is detecting such a script in your web browser's cache, which isn't doing you any good at all, as it's just static data there. I'd recommend you set AVG to not scan your browser's cache. While you're at it, also make sure it's not scanning your backups, as having anti-virus software messing with your backups can damage them.

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