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Evidence Eliminator

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Hi y'all

why does Malwarebytes recognise Evidence Eliminator as a rogue spyware and suggests quarantining it - its an expensive bit of kit and my other spyware Avira doesn't say its a rougue, so... :rolleyes:

WOT lights it up red

Seems some controversy over its marketing as well.

Evidence Eliminator is perhaps best known through the marketing of the program; spamming Usenet with claims such as:
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Ech. Thanks for the link Nosirrah.

And how right you are.

NOTHING LEGITIMATE will do something in the manner that this "company" is. Nothing legit will install without your consent and certainly won't advertise randomly on your system.

To the original question poster:

You'd do well to completely remove this from your system :rolleyes: As for having paid for it, what form of payment did you use?

You should have any accounts changed (if you used a debit or credit card) and if you used a check then well I'd get a whole new bank account number...

This will be all the research you need :


Legit companies don't use browser exploits to install malware on your system that advertises their software .

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I agree with prairie dog. I would personally class Evidence Eliminator as a 'rogue' program. But, strictly speaking, I suppose it's only really a 'semi-rogue' program. Evidence Eliminator does actually wipe and overwrite possible 'evidence' files. But so does CCleaner, and that's a FREEWARE program.

Also, Evidence Eliminator does not purge deleted file entries in the MFT. So, even though the files are deleted, the original filenames still show up in forensic programs like EnCase and Directory Snoop. I have also found that Evidence Eliminator creates, on installation, a temporary file which is very similar in structure to a Win32/Bifrose trojan. But, to be fair, I have not actually been able to connect any overtly malicious activity to that file.

So, basically, Evidence Eliminator is an expensive program which does nothing more than many FREEWARE programs will do. If you want a basic level of security, I would recommend the FREEWARE program CCleaner. But if you want a 'forensic' level of security, I would recommend R-Wipe & Clean. R-Wipe & Clean is produced by R-Tools Technology, a company that also produces world class data recovery programs. R-Wipe & Clean does everything that Evidence Eliminator can do, and it also purges deleted file entries in the MFT. And guess what, it costs a fraction of the price of a 'Lifetime Cleaning' Evidence Eliminator license.

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