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23 hours ago, dcollins said:

Got your message, looks like you have the beta installed which is known to have issues. Please download and run mb-clean from https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb_clean which will remove the beta and install the latest release version again

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! That was the problem. I remember now that I flicked the beta switch because MB was crashing my Google Chrome after every scan. But the clean install fixed everything ... the posting on websites, getting track listings from Gracenotes on iTunes and my wife's running her online game (Lord of the Rings), all of which were affected on the beta version. 

Thank you again. 



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  • 2 months later...

Oddly, I just installed the latest MB since I like to have the free version just to run manual scans periodically - but the latest, also started the 14 day trial for the full version - suddenly I could not access my yahoo home page or a handful of other sites that I usually use like google news, yahoo finance, even gmail. I did an uninstall and all are working fine again. Before I did the uninstall, I tried turning of web protection, but it didn't help - I did not reboot until after the uninstall. Would it work if I had tried a reboot after turning off the web protection?  If I disable the free 14 day trial, will that solve the web blocking?

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28 minutes ago, dcollins said:

It's hard to say if rebooting would have fixed the issue since we don't have any logs to go off of, but disabling the 14 day trial should solve it.

I'll try tomorrow and see how it behaves, I'll do the trial disable right at the start and then reboot and report back.

FWIW, I had same issue with an Avast update - guess they added web protection to the free AV and it broke my yahoo and some others as well - tried everything, uninstall was the only thing that worked. Using bitdefender free now and it seems ok - got a false positive on my Chase web site phishing attempt but so far all others are ok.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Well, no joy... tried reinstall but i didn’t see ability to avoid free trial. Same issues reappeared - uninstalled and all is well again. Looks like I need to clean out registry before reinstall - big pain and no time right now. Will try again later on. Maybe after the next version is released. 

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  • 8 months later...

fwiw - took a break from fussing with this since all is fine using bitdefender free, but I have a laptop with an older MBfree 2.x that I use for travel. Went to run an on demand scan and it said I had to update to the latest - so let it install the 3.x update - big pain is that it didn't find that I had only the free version setup for manual scanning. It uninstalled bitdefender and set itself up as a 14 day trial. I turned off the trial but it had already uninstalled bitdefender - royal pain! when I reinstalled bit defender it removed MB 3.x. This sucks - I really liked having the option to run MB free manually as a second opinion. Are we now SOL on that option?  is there a free version without the trial?

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