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I have just purchased a premium Malwarebytes on my Windows computer.  After downloading, it's telling me I have a trial version and when I try to activate, I put my license key in but the activate key does not light up, so I am unable to activate.  Can anyone tell me what or if I am doing wrong???

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30 minutes ago, Milo777 said:

Im having the same problem as OP can anyone point me to a link to DL an older version of Malwarebytes so I can try the fix? Thanks

That is not the correct way to fix, Please contact the help desk as they are the only ones that have the access to assist you.

For licensing issues, you'll want to reach out to our online support at 



Usually, support will take 2/3 days or more since support is busier than normal at this time to get to your request.

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Thanks Porthos for replying. It may not be an official solution but I found an old version on file hippo and can confirm that it does fix the issue. I uninstalled Version 3 installed version 2 was able to enter my license and ID keys and then was automatically prompted to upgrade to the latest version and all is working as normal now.

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21 minutes ago, Milo777 said:

was able to enter my license and ID keys

Most cases it is because of the difference of the activation with Key and ID The ID used to be the top  box and the Key was the second, Now it is reversed. 


activation window MB.PNG

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