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What are these Background Processes doing?

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While running a Malwarebytes scan on my MacBook Pro, I found three ZipCloud processes running in the background. According to my research,ZipCloud backs up users’ data to its servers which have poor security. Since my laptop contains important information related to my business, I am concerned about the risk to its confidentiality if all or some of it was backed up onto ZipCloud.


 To the best of my knowledge, I have never purchased a plan with ZipCloud nor uploaded files from my laptop to their servers. However,  based on my research, I have reason to believe the back-up process can be automatically initiated without my further involvement once ZipCloud is installed.

Below are two ZipCloud-related processes Malwarebytes running on my MacBook.

 • 2017-04-11 19:46:38 : PUP. JDIBackup : /Users/AE/Library/ LaunchAgents/com.jdibackup.ZipCloud.autostart.plist

 • 2017-04-11 19:46:38 : PUP. JDIBackup : /Users/AE/Library/ LaunchAgents/com.jdibackup.ZipCloud.notify.plist

Can anyone identify what functions are associated with these processes and whether any of them include  backing up data off my computer?

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I have no idea what they do, but Since you say you didn't install ZipCloud on purpose, you need to delete everything MBAM found.

Zipcloud is usually included with an installer for some other legitimate 3rd party software that was added in an attempt to get you to subscribe to a service you didn't ask for. Developers don't normally do that, so always download from the App Store or developer's website, not from a software aggregation site.

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