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I was looking through my NS options on a few sites to fine tweak them and noticed about:blank on facebook


I blocked it and it seemed to make to difference to the site so far, does anyone else have that as I notice along side the normal use for about:blank (the blank tab in the browser) that it also was a coolwebsearch hijacker...

Any views?

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It looks like a history of sites you've visited, of which about:blank would be if you opened a new tab so I'd say you're safe. Plus, I don't believe CoolWebSearch\About:Blank infections actually exist any more. In fact, as I recall, the company behind CoolWebSearch was put out of business, but I could be wrong.

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I only get that about:blank when visting facebook though, no other site has that, though when you visit face book with NS the only thing shown is face books logo, you need to add permission to NS to see the rest of the page.. could that be it?

I am sure I have seen something about about:blank still being active.


I DL'd from Cnet CWShredder http://download.cnet.com/CWShredder/3000-8...4-10301587.html and it found nothing! I guess I just am a born worrier :rolleyes:

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