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2017 in retrospect

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It's already the end of the year so it's time for the usual retrospective: what have we done for AdwCleaner in 2017, and what you can expect in 2018.

What we achieved in 2017?

On the development standpoint, 13 stable versions has been published, with an average of 3.9 weeks between each stable release. We also moved to a new major branch, the 7.x with under the hood improvements and a modernized UI.

As a reminder, the 6.x looked like this:


And the new v7.0.x is much clean and simple:



This major version 7 has been released on July 17th, and has been used in average 210k times per day, over 191 countries across the world.

This year we also totally changed the way our database was modeled to support indexing with threat families. This changes made it possible to choose on a per-family basis which one should be excluded from the results and to get a cleaner overview of what's happening. It has required a lot of non user-facing implementation but it resulted in a major improvement.

We did a survey in October to confirm that the features we've been thinking of were aligned and that  the 7.1 development was correctly set up. You have been several thousands to reply, and that has been extremely helpful for us.

The second part of the year has also been a period of changes and work on the new major version, the 7.1. This is the main focus since the 7.0 has been released, and will continue to be for 2018.

What can you expect for 2018?

First and forehand, AdwCleaner 7.1.

This version brings major improvements to the scanning engine, to the UI and to the existing set of features. It also includes numerous new features and fix all crashes that occur with the v7.0.

The design phase was the more critical one and took slightly more time than expected, but the delay is worth it: each implementation is now much faster and can be achieved with only a few lines of code. Although it's too early to share the beta as some components are still being developed, the initial tests show an important gain of scan speed that we'll make sure to properly measure and compare with the previous versions.

The new UI translation is in progress. While the previous version still have an incomplete translation support for several languages, this new version will get a full coverage for the 23 languages we target, and this should be completed by the end of the year.

We've shared a few screenshots of the new UI with a restricted set of fellow contributors to get an initial impression and to know if we were going in the wrong direction. The feedback have been positive and have confirmed the initial work - we included a few tweaks that were pointed out during those discussions.

We're looking forward to share this beta as soon as we can get it ready for it.


AdwCleaner 7.1.x

We think a fast release process is very valuable that's why we want to stick to our current process of one release every three weeks. You can expect around 13 to 18 releases next year!

PUPs, Engine capabilities...

As the PUP world isn't weakening at all, we're investigating some new way to improve even further the detection capabilities of the soon-to-be-released 7.1 engine. Those are still early experiments and thoughts, but they are very promising in terms of technologies and efficiency.

Feedback system

We've always be clear that the community was essential for AdwCleaner, that's why the feedback system aims to be more open than what it is today. For a restricted set of contributors who have access, it's already much easier than before to submit elements and ask for an opinion about a sample. We want to make that even easier and available to a wider set of people.

Support flow

In addition to the forum, there are a few ways to get support for AdwCleaner, and we're working to improve those to reduce the time it takes for you to be helped and to get your problem solved. You should benefit from these changes in January!


We are extremely grateful to everyone who has been contributing, whether for bug submissions, detection, translations and so on. It's very helpful for us!

We really believe a lot in the projects described above and we think we're on track for a promising new year!

Happy holidays.

P.S: Please find the newly released, which is the last one for 2017 while we're actively working on the 7.1 :) here

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