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Freemake Video Converter and Mrfree Codec

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Hello again forum,

Thank you again AdvancedSetup for helping me with my inclk problem.


I logged into my other laptop to clean the same issue, and discovered some additional issues. Hoping to get some assistance please.

I ran MalwareBytes and ADWCleaner a few times each. It looks like there are a couple of items that are persistent.

1. Myfree Codec, and 

2. Freemake Video Converter.

3. Also, although not in the current set of logs, pup.optional.legacy was also persistent.


I also have a number of other computers in my household. Should I post these in the same thread? Or create a different thread for each?


Thank you again for your time.



MalwareBytes Report.txt


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Hello @inclk

Please run the following exactly as shown and let me know how it goes.

It's quite late for me so I'm headed off to get some sleep. I'll check back on you again sometime tomorrow though.




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