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Clicked Malwarebyte update and it wiped out my current subscription

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A  trial premium version of Malwarebytes 3.3.1 is now on my computer. It will not accept my previous key. Instead, I am told I must subscribe again. This happened when a notice to update my Malwarebytes came up. I made sure it was actually from Malwarebytes before I clicked the update. This happened on December 14, 2018. Could the fact that I am temporarily located in northern Ireland be a factor since I noticed that the payment request is in pounds?

This happened to me back in August, also, when I was in the U.S. At the time, I just assumed that my subscription had run out and I purchased a two year subscription. This time I retained the email confirming the purchase in an easy to find place.

I have tried many things including restoring to a date before I updated. I went to the forum and did not find a solution I could understand. 

And, to add to my frustration, when I tried to sign up so I could ask about this, this is the "security question' I was given -- The 4th of July is on what day? There seemed to be no acceptable answer so I gave up for an hour -- and the security question changed. Actually, I  would normally find this amusing except I have spent way too much time trying to straighten this out. What can I do to get my Malwarebytes account back and not have to worry that an update is going to make my account disappear?


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