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After Updates Computer Says I'm Not Administrator When I'm The Only User


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Hello. I am not sure what my issue is. I ran updates on my computer. I tried to do a search of the updates so you guys would know which ones, but I couldn't find them. For sure, I know they were "HP updates windows 10 wallpaper CPS," "HP updates HP jumpstart," and "BIOS update utility." After the BIOS update ran, it said the computer needed restarted. I restarted the computer and it asked for my windows password instead of the pin I usually use. I used the password and got in but then when I went to look for the pin in the settings the setup pin wasn't there. I tried to click to add the pin, but that doesn't work. I get the circling "wait a moment" and then that just disappears and nothing happens. I did searches on microsoft and there were numerous people with the same issue. The one's that had the issue resolved said the issue was resolved with performing SFC scan by opening command prompt and typing sfc/scannow (I really didn't want to do this because last time I had a tiny computer issue I used command prompt like I was told on bleeping computer and I quickly realized I had no idea what I was doing, but the issue resolved easily). So, I opened command prompt and typed sfc/scannow, but when I pressed enter it said that I didn't have administrator privileges. I am the only user on the computer. When I go to settings it has me listed as the adminstrator. I finally found a way around the command prompt by right clicking it and selecting run as administrator and then selecting "yes" when it asked. I did the scan and it said it found no corrupt files. Then, I restarted the computer.

After restarting the computer, I again used the password, and went back into settings. This time, the pin appeared there but underneath it had a link that said "Sorry, this PIN isn't working for your organization's resources. Tap or click here to fix it" . I clicked to fix it and it takes me to the microsoft window to setup a pin. I click "setup pin" and it says "Something went wrong. We weren't able to setup your pin. Sometimes it helps to try again or you can skip for now and do this later." I tried again numerous times but it doesn't work. I even tried deleting the pin and clicking to add one after but it just ends up taking me to the microsoft window to setup a pin and the same thing happens again. I did a search on windows forum and found numerous things saying that clearing the NGC folder helps, but I can't get access to that?

I have no idea how to fix this. It's really annoying at this point.


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It can be awkward getting access to the NGC folder if you are not sure what you are doing with administrator permissions.

If you are not confident then I would suggest that until you can get someone who is confident to look at your machine you have 2 options.

Either continue to log in using your microsoft password.

Turn off the requirement for a password/pin altogether.
It's fairly simple to do, but it's one of those 'hidden' settings.
If you do this then don't forget to make a note of your MS password and keep it safe, you may still need it to access your MS account.
You will also need it if this setting gets changed back, say during a future Windows10  update.


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Happy days when things fix themselves.

(I'm guessing it was something at the Microsoft server end that was just taking it's time to recognise the changes/updates you had made).

You might still want to look at turning off the login password/pin requirement if you are the only user.
Whenever I have 'looked at' a friends computer I ask them if they want password at login turned on or off - they always choose off.
Usually they say they didn't know you could do that with Windows 10.

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