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Seeking newbie support doesn't inspire confidence...

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"As a new user trying to understand Malwarebytes' scheme, I went looking for "support" on the main webpage and got "support.malwarebytes.com" with the following hopeful means to support::



...So I clicked on "Log in" where I got:


Eventually, out of desperation, I stumbled onto another page called "...support.malwarebytes.com/community/consumer" -- also with the same dead-end "Log in..." to the same "coming soon" thing. But wa-a-ay down below I found "Still need help?/Ask the forums" leading to the group grope forum...obviously, since here I am.

My point is, reading that support is "...open to all users" when there's nothing there but a dead end, well... . And this little dead-end dilemma doesn't exactly inspire confidence - particularly since I was desperately trying to rescue my account access which someone in support had decided to make inaccessible to me with an unnecessary "reset your password" email sequence. I've managed to recover the account access, but please keep in mind that since you offer no phone support, this kind of "going nowhere" dead end is all one can find without much anxious burrowing.


Webbieadmin in CO

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14 minutes ago, webbieadmin said:

My point is, reading that support is "...open to all users" when there's nothing there but a dead end

To get support you create a ticket on this page. NOT log in.


Now since you are here we also do support on these forums. What issue are you having?

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Adding to what @Porthos said, that same page you were on had a link for Guides (near the center of the screen).  Click that link, and you can find a guide for any product that Malwarebytes offers.  I always recommend the guides because (a) I go out of my way to write guides to help people solve problems rather than waste their time, and (b) They are likely a good source of information now (when you are looking for it), and the next time you need answers.  They are available as web pages and as downloadable PDF files.  Give them a try!

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I just got to see this, since I don't camp on these kinds of group grope support sites unless I'm having issues (like today's non-fix of a system-killing Malfunctionbytes release) and my login is set for email notification, which I never got...so, sorry for the delay.

Well, Gonzo...as a "technical writer", something like the non-link I graphically presented should really get your hackles up. An after-the-fact explanation of what one should REALLY do instead of trying a dead end that should have long since been removed, well, I'm a bit surprised that you find no issue with it. Asking new users like me to be so intuitive as to ignore a non-working link in favor of...whatever...strikes me as a bit presumptuous in the very least. Oh, and for the record, that non-linking link is still there, doing nothing and going nowhere. A quick study of HTML 101 and even the low person on the pole could <!-- comment it out -->.

I too was a tech writer/editor/translator/support manager for some 30 years, so I'm kinda conditioned to run up flags for misleading/false user info.  But then, I was brainwashed into trying to see things from the customer/user viewpoint. I guess times have changed, eh...


Webbie in CO

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I understand your frustration. There's a lot of that going around today...me included, figuring out what was going on when RAM on 3 boxes were all maxxed out.  I can tell you that Tech Support is building a new support portal, and you found a non-functional link (no excuses...that should not have been there in that state). @Porthos pointed out how to get support.  I am not in Support nor do I have any involvement with that page, other than there are links there to access my user guides.

The fix for the problem on the consumer version works fine...I used it on all of my computers while I was watching very carefully for any signs that it would not work.  It did work.  I do not have a business version of Malwarebytes at home, so I cannot (and will not) comment.  As many staff members have done today, I offer my apology for the problems earlier today.

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