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Computer freezing for a couple secs during games. Video sound cutting out


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Hello! A quick google search for similar problems brought me to this thread. I read thru it but wasn't sure where to start so hoping to start from scratch

My issues specifically are with games that I play at the moment (League of Legends/Fortnite/etc) and certain streaming sites such as Twitch/YouTube and others that I frequent all give me the same problems.

With games, they will freeze for a couple seconds then go back to normal. Sometimes it's worse than others. 

With videos or streaming sites (Twitch/YouTube), the sound will cut out but the video will continue to play. And again, sometimes it doesn't happen, or it will happen right away. And it will cut in and out after different periods of time.

Recently I've tried to run Windows Defender to find viruses. It found 5 threats the other day which were Trojan root somethings I believe and they were removed. 

I have also ran the free version of Malwarebytes which seemed to work at the time but have had the same problems again since I did that a month or 2 ago.

I downloaded Driver Booster to keep everything up to date as well.

Nothing seems to have fixed the problem. The computer is about 5-6 years old so maybe its time for a new one but giving it one last shot before I look into another one.


Thanks for reading, hope we can fix the problem!


Build here

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12 hours ago, grunf said:

Did You try Task Manager when playing videos on Youtube?  What does it say about CPU activity?

CPU activity seems to be normal. Not high by any means

Some tech guy where I live suggested it could be a malware issue but a tech on this forum didn't think that was the case so he directed me here.


9 hours ago, John L. Galt said:

One suggestion - get rid of Driver Booster.  You don't need it.  You can always get the latest drivers from your hardware manufacturer yourself.


Ok thanks

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2 hours ago, grunf said:

Except CPU, Your computer is within recommended requirements for that game, but the graphic processor is on 98% load.

RAM is 78%, so it might go up while You play. That explains freezes and stuttering. Do the same for Youtube/Twitch.

One more thing, when computer is idle what Task Manager say? 

No apps running

YouTube video in 1080p running

Also forgot to mention when listening to Spotify, it will randomly decided to stop playing, skip to the next after some time then play the next song, or stop playing then shuffle thru them without playing a song and stop all together. I will get this error when it stops playing.

The strangest part to me about all of this is it very inconsistent about when it happens. Some days are better than others. 

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Performance tab with several programs running including Fortnite and Spotify.

I will removed Advance System Care and get CCleaner.

My startup is pretty quick as I've disabled basically everything if that's what you were asking. And I've gotten rid of most, if not all, programs that I don't use anymore.

Thanks for the help btw, hope I can fix this issue. 

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There is no reason to post graphics on a 3rd party site.

Please attach the graphics so they are a part of this thread and  the subject matter is not dependent upon viewing a 3rd party site.

Additionally, one can easily link to those graphics so they are "here".  However they would still be dependent upon that site.

All one has to do is post the URL to the graphic ....

This URL....


Posted directly becomes....






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Messed around with the game settings to lower the quality. Brought the GPU down to ~60%. This did not help at all and seemed to make it worse at the time, though it could just be when the computer decided to act up more than usual.

It also doesn't explain the issues with Spotify/YouTube/Twitch/etc. They don't use near the same amount of ram and I'm still experiencing problems with those. 

Not sure where to go from here.

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