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Malwarebytes v Antivirus

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I recently asked on another Forum about, is it safe to use KIS after the recent media posts where certain governments have deemed it unsafe to use Kaspersky.

I was asked what Windows I'm using and any other protection programs etc.

Different post replies said, The windows defender is good enough on its own, another said its bad to have 2 AV side by side (Malwarebytes and KIS) on Win10 and another said to use Kaspersky on its own as its totally safe.

Yet I thought they are different where one is AV and the other Malware protection.

Comments ??

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I've posted objections to Malwarebytes claiming it makes other AV's obsolete almost since the day the claim was made and my position hasn't changed. Like Porthos above, I beleive that Malwarebytes is an excellent additional layer of defence, but in no way can it be considered a replacement antivirus as it simply can not catch everything - no antivirus can!

2 hours ago, maltelboy said:

Yet I thought they are different where one is AV and the other Malware protection.

How many layers of protection one needs will always depend on the user's web surfing and email attachment habits. I easily get away with minimal protection from a couple of high rated products, like Defender and Malwarebytes Premium on my Windows 10 Professional box, but on my main work machine where I tend to visit unknown sites for research, I use a lot more protection on. I currently have Avast Internet Security, Malwarebytes Premium, Acronis Active Protection and SuperAntiSpyware Professional running side by side, all with Real Time Protection enabled and with zero performance issues. It's proven to be a winning combination many times for me.

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